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    All about ozone therapy

    Ozone therapy is the method of introducing ozone gas into the body to treat a disease or injury. It's a colourless gas made up of three oxygen atoms (O3). For more than a century, medicinal O3 has been used to clean medical equipment and treat a variety of conditions. It can also aid in the prevention of wound infection.

    How is ozone therapy conducted?

    Scigenomics majorly has 3 ways of administering O3 treatment. The healthcare professional will talk with you about the best treatment choices for you. 1. If you have ozone therapy for an extremity problem or a wound, this gas would most likely be added directly to the damaged body part's tissue. The gas is delivered while encased in a protective lining. 2. To treat internal diseases such as HIV, the O3 gas is normally absorbed in your blood. The blood containing the dissolved gas is then pumped back into you with an IV. Intravenous usage has the potential to cause an embolism due to the production of air bubbles. 3. This therapy may also be administered intramuscularly. Until administering this injection, the gas is often combined with oxygen.

    How can ozone therapy benefit you?

    1. This is also very helpful for treating skin conditions like herpes, eczema, acne, and pimples, and it can also be used to remove wounds. In general, This skin treatment is administered by a localised blowing process with O2 and O3, or by saunas containing vapour. 2. This is also a very common weight-loss treatment. When paired with a proper diet and good habits, it will assist you in reaching your target weight or even combating obesity. 3. It is an ideal friend for losing weight and eliminating toxicity and much more.

    Why Scigenomics?

    When it comes to cutting-edge technology and secure, promising therapies, Scigenomics is a household name. We discover and produce excellent outcomes yielding therapies with the assistance of many known medical companies such as Ajanta Hospital and IVF centre, Dr Rajput's research centre, KLS wellness institute, and many others. Our qualified experts will not only walk you through the whole process but will also help you get all of your questions answered until you are fully satisfied!


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SCIgenomicsWednesday , January 05 , 2022

    Hallmarks of Scigenomics are:-
    > High tech investigations like genomic and genetic investigations
    > Innovative cellular Therapies
    > Specialized Regenerative medicine products
    > Utmost satisfaction of patients
    > Proven track record

    A company which provides healthcare solutions for next generation treatment with cutting edge technology. Our services include whole genome mapping, gut microbiota genome mapping, Genome mapping based expert advice, preparation of genetically corrected cells, personalized IPSCS, personalized i PSC-MSCs, personalized exosomes, Anti- aging protocols and products. Innumerable testimonials

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