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    Whole Exome Testing is the process of processing the whole coding area of the genome. It is intended to explore all of the genome's coding regions and splice junctions. This technique can be used to classify differences in any gene's nutrient region, rather than just a few. Since the majority of identified disease-causing mutations occur in exons, the whole genome sequence is more successful than full genome sequencing. WES detects variations in a patient's DNA by concentrating on the most detailed areas of the genome – the exome.

    This approach identifies differences in the protein-coding range of any gene, rather than only very few variants. Since the majority of identified disease-causing mutations occur in exons, this test is considered to be an effective tool for identifying potential disease-causing mutations.

    -Detects variants in a broad variety of applications.
    -Complete coverage of coding regions is achieved.
    -Offers a less expensive alternative to whole-genome sequencing.
    When opposed to whole-genome methods, produces a smaller, more manageable data collection for quicker, simpler data processing.

    For different nextgen health requirements from cell therapy, genetic research and anti-ageing services, Scigenomics is a stop approach. It has integrated with several established healthcare firms to provide the latest research and procedures using prominent new-age technologies.


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SCIgenomicsWednesday , January 05 , 2022

    Hallmarks of Scigenomics are:-
    > High tech investigations like genomic and genetic investigations
    > Innovative cellular Therapies
    > Specialized Regenerative medicine products
    > Utmost satisfaction of patients
    > Proven track record

    A company which provides healthcare solutions for next generation treatment with cutting edge technology. Our services include whole genome mapping, gut microbiota genome mapping, Genome mapping based expert advice, preparation of genetically corrected cells, personalized IPSCS, personalized i PSC-MSCs, personalized exosomes, Anti- aging protocols and products. Innumerable testimonials

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